Studio Gianni +, founded by Jannis Schäfer, emerges from over nine years of diverse creative endeavors in the realm of graphic design, spanning from brand strategy consultancy to crafting visual identities and environmental graphic design. Studio Gianni + as the name reveals was established to expand its expertise, tailoring its capabilities based on project scale and intricacy by collaborating with a network of specialized experts across different fields.

The studio's primary forte lies in formulating innovative creative strategies, guiding companies, established brands, and aspiring individuals from conceptualization to action planning. Schäfer, the founder, brings a wealth of experience in crafting numerous corporate identities, encompassing traditional assets such as logos, color palettes, typography, and imagery, as well as creating custom fonts and distinctive illustrations. Since 2019, he has specialized in environmental graphic design, seamlessly integrating graphics within spaces to provide orientation and convey the client’s identity.

Recognizing that no single individual can be proficient in all areas, our studio places significant emphasis on fostering reliable collaborations with other professionals—such as copywriters, web designers & developers, product designers, and material designers—to deliver comprehensive and proficient solutions.

At Studio Gianni +, we transcend the role of a typical graphic design provider. Our creative inspiration diverges from current design trends or trend reports, drawing inspirations instead from diverse sources such as art, nature, and everyday observations. This approach results in distinctly unique and timeless outcomes. Guided by our values, we shoulder the responsibility throughout each project, promoting ecological and ethical practices in collaboration with our clients.


Creative Strategy
Art Direction
Corporate Identity
Environmental Graphic Design


Studio Gianni + is open for jobs and collaborations.
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