The thesis “FIRNIS“ deals with different conceptual layers of design objects. Therefor different phenomena of perception are examined. As the first impression is usually obtained through the eye, this project‘s main focus is on the visual perception. The research encompasses the functionality and methods of optical illusions. However, in the context of this work, illusion is not to be understood as manipulation, but rather aims to redefine the attractiveness of overly abundant objects. The principles resulting from the examination of visual perception are subsequently applied to three-dimensional objects of the everyday life. Through a combination of different illusions, a field of tension between object and observer is created to maintain the interest born of curiosity beyond the first impression, Beyond the aspect of increasing attractiveness, the principle of optical illusion as a method within the design process can and should be understood as an inspiring implementation example for both the creative and the scientific field.

Faculty of Design and Art of the Free University of Bozen - Bolzano
Supervisor: Gerhard Glüher
Second supervisor: Steffen Kaz

#perception #illusions #attractiveness #surfaces

Studio Gianni +